The Motorhome Makeover

Last year, after several years of talking about it, we purchased our first Motorhome. Our goal was to find an older model class A with low miles, and freshen it up to our likes/needs. We searched for some time, and finally found our golden goose - a 2003 Fleetwood Bounder, with 34,000 miles on the engine. We drove down to Ballston Spa to buy it. Justin's first experience driving this 35 foot behemoth was on the NY State thruway! Any of you who know Justin know that he thoroughly researched driving an RV before we picked it up, and mastered it like a champ!
This is the best lengthwise picture to show how big this thing is! I told him if he got a class C, I would drive it, but he reaaallllyyy wanted the class A, so...he's the skipper of this land yacht!

Although we were VERY happy with our find, we were VERY excited to get to work on renovating the interior, which I lovingly referred to as a "Cat Lady's Apartment". See for yourself :)...

We decided on the bedroom. A little paint and fabric went a long way! 

Next onto the bathroom! More paint, including metallic paint to cover the hideous 90's brass! A new toilet was added too. The tile is a cool invention called "Tic tac tile" - flexible and washable!

After this we moved into the main area. We tore up the carpet and linoleum, and put down new carpet and vinyl tile. Again, LOTS of paint (did I mention I very much dislike painting?), and more tic tac tile. We put more vinyl of a different pattern up on the back wall, and added my vintage Disney posters to decorate. A coat of chalkboard paint on the fridge to cover the fake wood paneling made a nice touch. 

The front area was overhauled with new carpeting. We replaced the recliner chair with a very cool piece of furniture - an ottoman by Castro Convertibles that turns into a very comfortable twin bed! We made it nice and comfy to sit on with lots of pillows, including another Disney touch from my favorite Pixar film, "Up". Carl Frederiksen reminds me of my Dad :) Justin used the same vinyl from the wall to recline the steps, replacing more of the nasty avocado green carpeting. We put flat screen TV's in the living area, and a smaller one in the bedroom. 

Here are some gratuitous shots I wanted to include. I think it turned out fantastic, and we are looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come! 
                                                                                  Thanks for coming!


  1. Wow! I see a lot of vacationing in your future. You guys did a great job. And Justin looks very handsome in his captain hat. I will be waiting for stories about great adventures from the navigator!

    1. Thanks Marlene! Maybe we should have Justin drive us to Saratoga in comfort!

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